Invisalign or Smile Direct Club: Choose the Right Option to Straighten Your Teeth

If you are ready to straighten your misaligned teeth, there are several options to make this happen that don’t involve traditional metal braces. Invisalign has become a popular choice, especially for adults. This method of moving teeth is effective, discreet, and faster than traditional braces. You’ve probably heard of Smile Direct Club too, which is the right choice for some people. Here’s how to determine which option is best for you.

Invisalign: The Guided, Professional, Teeth Alignment Innovation

Patients who choose Invisalign know they want straight teeth, but they certainly don’t want to broadcast their orthodontic treatment to their social group, coworkers, or anyone else. Thankfully, Invisalign delivers, providing treatment using nearly invisible aligners.

Here is what to expect from Invisalign treatment provided by your Philadelphia dentist:

  • Comprehensive, doctor-monitored treatment from start to finish.
  • Professional impressions and photos, including a full-mouth series of X-rays to identify root formation and see if there is any bone loss or other problems before Invisalign trays are made.
  • Comfortable, customized Invisalign trays throughout the entire course of treatment, designed to move teeth at the proper speed and in the right order.
  • Dental visits monthly or every other month to ensure that teeth are moving as planned and minor adjustments can be made, as needed.
  • Careful contouring and reshaping so all teeth fit into the jaw properly and are less likely to move back to their previous position.
  • Attachments are small “bumps” temporarily attached to the tooth enamel and designed by Invisalign technology to facilitate specific movements on different teeth to ensure ideal results.
  • Bleaching gel so teeth can become as white as possible while teeth are undergoing straightening.
  • Refinement, which includes monitoring the teeth and making additional trays at no charge for final tooth positioning.
  • Retainers following Invisalign treatment to maintain the position of the teeth.

Ultimately, Invisalign is designed to be as unobtrusive, non-invasive, and convenient as possible for the wearer. You can straighten your teeth without the discomfort of metal wires and brackets, eat whatever you like, and enjoy the journey to having a straighter smile every day without anyone being the wiser.

Smile Direct Club: Straighten Your Teeth at Home

Like Invisalign, the aligners provided through Smile Direct Club are practically invisible, freeing wearers from the self-consciousness that can come with wearing traditional metal braces. The similarities end there, however. It is important to clarify the differences between Smile Direct Club aligners and Invisalign. Here is what you can expect from Smile Direct Club:

  • No in-person, dentist-monitored treatment, which means no direct contact and clinical examination of a patient’s mouth and assessment of their dental health by a dentist.
  • Potentially a good choice for someone who is home-bound or unable to make it to the dentist.
  • Less inexpensive than Invisalign.
  • Attachments are not used, which could lead to unpredictable tooth movement. Without attachments, teeth are tilted back and forth only and may not move as planned. Because of this, dentists sometimes do corrective treatment using Invisalign for Smile Direct Club cases.
  • Potentially uncomfortable aligning trays with rough edges that could go over the gums and dig into the gums.
  • X-rays are not required, so there is no way to see what’s going on beneath the surface of the teeth before treatment. Only cell phone pictures, photos, and impressions are used to create a tooth movement plan. Without clinical confirmation that teeth and gums are healthy, the wearer is at an increased risk for cavities, gum disease, and tooth loss.
  • No careful contouring and slimming of the teeth, which could lead to an improper bite at the end of treatment.

While all the differences and similarities between Invisalign and Smile Direct Club can be easily spelled out, one of the most important things to keep in mind is the personalized care you get through your Philadelphia dentist for Invisalign treatment.

Dental visits are simply part of proper and complete orthodontic care, and you can only have greater success with your straightening if you are regularly monitored by your Invisalign provider. A dentist will recognize if something above or below the surface of your gums isn’t moving the right way or if the carefully outlined treatment is off-track.

Choosing the Right Clear Alignment Option

Every orthodontic treatment has its pros and cons. Some will seem more convenient than others, and it is in your best interest to research all options available to you. It is important to find the right alignment option for your budget, lifestyle, goals, and timeline. Having the guidance of a Philadelphia dentist as you make this decision means you will have help in selecting the best type of straightening for you personally.

Knowing all the treatment options, understanding their perks and drawbacks, and taking time to decide will ensure that you have positive, long-lasting results. Don’t risk developing problems with your teeth and gums or wasting time on an impermanent straightening method. Choose an orthodontic treatment with professional assistance from Dr. Ken Cirka, Dr. Mimi Jeon, and Dr. Evan Ridge at Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia. Get the facts and make the right decision for your smile.

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