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    August 31, 2021
    2 years ago

    This month we are offering a deal that is every coffee lover’s dream. We get it, coffee gets you through the day. We want you to enjoy your favorite drink! However, do you know how coffee affects your teeth? Stains, stains, stains! Over time, your smile will become more and more stained due to enjoying drinks with color to them. Let us take your worries away and take advantage of our September special, Buy 8 Veneers and get a FREE Keurig K-Supreme® Welcome Bundle!

    This sounds too good to be true.

    You might be asking yourself, “Wait a minute, I thought coffee stains my teeth. Why would my dentist be giving away a coffee bundle?” Porcelain veneers do not stain. In fact, when you are planning your porcelain veneer treatment with our team, you will have the opportunity to pick the exact shade you want your veneers to be. Veneers are 100% customizable to whatever you want! You pick the shade, size, and shape. So, with this special, you will be able to enjoy as much coffee as you like all while keeping a perfect smile!

    Well, what else?

    What other benefits do veneers have? It’s fast. An entire smile can be changed in just 2 visits to our office! Crooked teeth can be corrected to provide a more appealing smile. Gaps between teeth can be easily closed with porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers can strengthen natural teeth weakened by old or broken fillings. Veneers are very strong as they can resist years of wear without being affected. Veneers never stain. Your smile will remain that pearly white color despite years of enjoying all of your favorite foods and drinks.

    Let’s do it!

    To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at (215) 568-6222. During your consultation, the doctors will examine your mouth and come up with a treatment plan that works for you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon and bringing all your smile goals to life!

    August 29, 2021
    2 years ago

    What are the benefits of cosmetic dentistry? Many patients have found cosmetic dentistry to be well worth it, especially in individuals who suffer from dental issues that specifically lower their self-confidence. An improved smile is not only beneficial for a boost in your own self-esteem, but it impacts the way others perceive you as well.

    Here are just some physical imperfections that cosmetic dentistry can fix:

    ● Dark or stained teeth

    ● Chipped teeth

    ● Crooked teeth

    ● Missing teeth

    ● Cracked or worn teeth

    ● Gaps or crowdedness

    ● Cavities 

    ● Silver filings 

    Whether you want whiter teeth or a straighter smile, cosmetic dentistry can give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. You don’t have to be a celebrity to have a perfect smile. Here at Philly Dentistry, we treat all of our patients with top-notch care and deliver only the best results. Check out these different smile makeovers we’ve done to see what type of cosmetic dentistry seems right for you. 

    So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (215) 568-6222 to speak with a member of our team. We will get you set up with FREE new patient consultation, so you can discuss with one of our doctors which option is best for you. Everything will be completely personalized just for you. We are looking forward to seeing you soon and giving you your dream smile! In the meantime, let’s connect on ​social media. ​We post a lot of cool content that mostly consists of our office’s personality and smile transformations. Show us some love! 

    August 19, 2021
    2 years ago

    August 22nd is one of two National Tooth Fairy Day throughout the year. The day is dedicated to kids learning about who and what the tooth fairy does when they lose a tooth. The day is celebrated twice a year in hopes that your child has a wiggly tooth around at least one of the designated days. In addition, the American Dental Association recommends that people get their teeth cleaned every six months. These two observance days are spaced to help remind people of that fact. This August, if your child has a wiggly tooth, tell them about the holiday and engage in some tooth fairy fun.

    Let’s learn some magical tooth fairy history!

    In 1908, the idea of the tooth fairy was born. By 1927, the tooth fairy took to the stage in Watkins Arnold’s children’s play, “The Tooth Fairy.” In 2012, the tooth fairy took over movie screens in “The Tooth Fairy” movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Side note: What a funny casting for a fairy!

    So, what can you do on National Tooth Fairy Day?

    1. Call your dentist to schedule you and your child’s bi-yearly dental visit.
    2. Tell your child stories about the tooth fairy. Dive into your first experience of losing a tooth and how you were too visited by the tooth fairy.
    3. Read some fun tooth fairy books like Dear Tooth Fairy by Alan Durant, How to Trick the Tooth Fairy by Erin Danielle Russell, or Tooth Fairy in Training by Michelle Robinson.
    4. Get the snacks and the blankets to watch “The Rock’s” movie, “The Tooth Fairy,” for some laughs!
    5. Engage with other families on social media by using the hashtag #NationalToothFairyDay. This will allow you to see what other people are up to. Also, tag @phillydentistry in your photos so we can get in on the fun too! We love when our patients share photos with us – we’re really into smiles.

    Kids only stay little for so long. It’s fun to make things special when we can. For more posts like this, check out more articles on the blog. We share educational posts, fun posts, flash sales, and so much more! While you’re at it, let’s connect on social media. All of our social media channels can be found here. Thank you for reading and we hope to see you smiling in our chairs soon!

    August 9, 2021
    2 years ago

    Tiktokers are shaving their teeth?! The app, TikTok, has been filled with users acting as DIY dentists. Tiktokers have become fixated on shaving their teeth to get their desired length. People are using metal nail files to shave down their enamel. The whole thing is super crazy and not safe for your teeth. ​If you try to file or shave your teeth at home, you can damage the enamel on your teeth, which can lead to a whole plethora of other problems.

    People often cut their own hair, do crazy makeup looks, etc. However, your hair grows back, and makeup is removable. Once you shave your teeth, they do not grow back. ​You can’t regrow tooth enamel, so any damage is irreversible.

    Possible outcomes from shaving your teeth on your own:

    – Need of a veneer or crown to fix over shaved teeth

    – Severe sensitivity/pain

    Nerve damage

    – Possible root canals or extractions

    Bleeding teeth

    This is why it is super important to leave your dental care to your dentist. Click on the photo below to view a video about the trend. 

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