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    Need a Teeth Cleaning or Check-up?

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    dental cleaningEveryone loves that “oh-so-fresh” clean teeth and fresh breath after a dental cleaning.  For regular dental cleanings every 6 months, you want someone professional, skilled and gentle – yet thorough.  Regular check-ups keep not only your breath fresh and your gums healthy, they will actually let you have a healthier body, fewer heart disease and protect you from other diseases.

    Your overall health depends on the health of your teeth and gums.

    The Risks of Irregular Cleanings

    Waiting too long for a dental check-up can cause you to have pain, and in severe cases lose teeth due to cavities or gum disease.  The longer you wait, the more fear that you may have about coming in.  Let me reassure you.  There is always someone that we have treated that has similar problems as you.  We are used to talking with patients about their concerns, fixing small problems before they become larger ones and we recommend to our patients a way that they can save money by taking better care at home.

    We do this with no judgement.  What is important to us is that you are here now to get healthy and back smiling again.  We schedule more time for patients who have concerns, fears, or want to learn how we can help you to fix a problem in your mouth.  We invite open communication and anything that is a concern of yours, is a concern of ours.

    Because Experience Matters

    Philadelphia Dentistry has been around for almost 20 years.  Our staff of 20 professionals are here to serve you.  We constantly do extensive learning and modify your dental care with the newest techniques.  Dentistry is constantly changing and you do not want someone who does not provide the newest treatments in the most caring manner.

    What to Expect at Your Cleaning Appointment Visit

    If you come into the office for your check-up and cleaning, we will ask you about any concerns that you have.  You will be brought into the treatment room to meet your hygienist who cleans teeth.  Your hygienist will address any concerns that you have and thoroughly give you answers that you understand in plain language.  They will take X-rays and photos of your teeth as needed to properly address any concerns that you have, to communicate what is going on inside your mouth and do a cleaning of your teeth and gums to protect you from disease. After seeing what is needed, you meet with the doctor to discuss any problems that you have and any solutions that will be comfortable, last a long time and fit into your budget and time constraints.

    You will be well-informed and know the exact cost, benefits and risks before any treatment is done.

    How Your Cleaning Appointment With Us Is Different

    We can see you this week!  No long waits to get in and get healthy.

    We are committed to have patients fully satisfied with treatment in our office so that they come back for years.  We have patients that have been in the Harry Potter movies, news anchors, celebrities, patients who fly in from the Bahamas, Europe, and many states in the US.  We have patients who drive 5 hours to come here for their cleanings.  Yet our most common patients are the ones living or working right here in here in the City of Brotherly Love.

    Open and honest communication is what our office is built upon.  It shows in the countless patients that have become healthier from our efforts.  We want you to be as healthy as possible and we are committed to make your visit the best it has been in your adult life.  Located conveniently in Center City, Philadelphia near Rittenhouse Square, our office is open every day Monday to Thursday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and Fridays 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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