Single Tooth Dental Implant in Philadelphia

One missing tooth is a problem for your entire smile, even if it’s located in the back of your mouth and may not be especially noticeable. Every missing tooth is both a functional and cosmetic complication and its absence, over time, can negatively impact the rest of your teeth. At Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City, we perform single-tooth dental implants for qualified patients to create complete, healthy smiles.

The Single Tooth Dental Implant Procedure

Whether you get one dental implant or several, the entire process requires months of treatment and healing time and several appointments with your Philadelphia dentist. Here are the basic steps to expect:

  • Consult: Every dental implant procedure begins with a thorough consultation with your Center City dentist, including a dental exam, x-rays, and a review of dental and medical history. It will be determined what the best treatment option is for your oral health and whether you are a good candidate for this procedure.
  • Surgery: During outpatient oral surgery, the dental implant is placed in the jawbone under the gumline. The implant is not visible but an abutment is attached to the implant and sticks out just a little above the gum so a temporary tooth can be put in place and, later, switched out with a permanent crown.
  • Healing: The surgical area needs time to heal so the implant can fuse successfully with the jawbone and a strong foundation is created for the replacement tooth. Healing time can take several months depending on your oral health.
  • Completion: The placement of a permanent, customized dental crown is bonded permanently in place on the abutment to complete the single-tooth dental implant procedure and give you a strong, whole smile.

The Benefits of a Single Tooth Dental Implant

Of course, the biggest benefit of a single tooth dental implant is that your smile is no longer missing an integral piece and it is fully complete, but there are other benefits that make this dental restoration so ideal:

  • Restored tooth root: When a tooth is lost or extracted, the roots are lost too. It’s so important to replace tooth roots so the jaw is stimulated, the teeth are healthy, and the face can maintain its proper shape.
  • Natural appearance: The last thing anyone wants when they’re getting restorative dentistry is a repair that is noticeable and looks fake. A single tooth dental implant is carefully designed to look just like a natural tooth and blend into the rest of your smile.
  • Fully functional: A dental implant is so strong and solid, it functions normally, just like a natural tooth. You can bite, chew, speak, and smile with confidence.
  • Comfortable: There will not be any discomfort with the dental implant in place. It not only looks like a natural tooth, it feels like a natural tooth too. You can go about your meals and conversations forgetting that you ever had this dental restoration.

The Importance of Replacing a Missing Tooth

Many people are convinced they don’t need to replace a missing tooth but, eventually, the absence of a tooth will wreak havoc. Every tooth in your mouth is there for a reason. Getting a single-tooth dental implant is an important restoration and delivers permanent perks:

  • Stimulate the jawbone in the area where the tooth was
  • Avoid changing the shape of the face
  • Maintain biting and chewing strength
  • Make your smile look better
  • Help your smile work better
  • Prevent teeth from shifting to fill the space
  • Maintain alignment and bite

Get a Single Tooth Dental Implant in Center City

One missing tooth can cause multiple big problems for your oral health and the appearance of your smile. If you are interested in learning more about single-tooth dental implants, contact Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City to schedule a consultation.

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