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Get a Beautiful New Smile with a Smile Makeover!

Dr. Ken Cirka and Dr. Jessica Meier- Philadelphia Restorative Dentists

It is not only about looks…many of these issues have long term health effects…

Problems with crooked, crowded or badly shaped teeth:

and left untreated can result in:

Are you tired of being concerned about the appearance of your teeth and smile? Are you ready to have broken, chipped, damaged or discolored teeth repaired like this actual patient?:


Now you can! It’s simple to prevent these issues and give you a perfect smile that makes you look great and feel more confident with a “Smile Makeover” from Dr. Ken Cirka, and Dr. Jessica Meier, Restorative Dentists in Philadelphia, PA.

Imagine having the new smile of your dreams. Your family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues will be amazed at the transformation your new smile has given to your appearance… and your confidence. Your attractive new smile will be designed to look naturally beautiful, be resistant to staining and be as strong (or stronger) than your natural teeth to last a lifetime. At Philly Dentistry, we call this a “Smile Makeover.”

How a Smile Makeover Works

A smile makeover means creating your new smile the way you have always wanted it to look using today’s modern restorative and cosmetic dentistry techniques such as

Usually a Smile Makeover is the easiest way to restore your overall and dental health. It is the ideal way to give you a fully-functional beautiful smile.

Why settle for a smile that is less than perfect? Create the straight, full, beautiful white smile you have always wanted.

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