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Get amazing white teeth with Tooth Whitening & Bleaching services from Philadelphia Dentistry

zoom teeth whiteningHave your teeth been stained by smoking, drinking coffee, or do you have yellowness due to aging? Our whitening options allow you to brighten your teeth quickly and on your own time.

Your smile is very important. Why? Because according to recent studies, 74% of Americans believe that an unattractive smile can hurt your career success. This applies not only to work but your everyday social life as well.

Tooth Whitening can be the answer to brightening your smile and your outlook on life so you look and feel great. A whiter smile can give you that extra edge in life and Philadelphia’s Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier can help you achieve it through our 2 types of teeth bleaching:

With our Tray Bleaching tooth whitening procedure, you are given take-home custom trays and bleaching gel. You are in control of your whitening process, and for only 10 minutes a day, in just 7-10 days you will see an average whitening of 6 shades whiter that will last up to 2 years. Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier highly recommend this method if you have experienced tooth sensitivity in the past.

The ZOOM! in-office tooth whitening is our most exciting option. In about one hour you can see an average of 10 shades of whitening. It’s fast, effective, and perfect for those with busy schedules. This one-time whitener will last up to 3 years.

For better results we recommend drinking coffee, tea, wine, and dark sodas in moderation as they tend to stain teeth.

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