Dental Implants in Philadelphia, PA

If you have missing teeth or wear dentures that are uncomfortable or ill-fitting, you have undoubtedly considered whether there are other options for fixing your smile. Dental implants are the permanent way to replace missing teeth – and affordable dental implants from Philly Dentistry deliver a long-lasting solution that fits your budget.

How Affordable Dental Implants Work


You never want to sacrifice quality for a better price, especially when it comes to dental restorations. Affordable dental implants are designed to keep fees reasonable while giving patients an incredibly strong, durable repair for their missing teeth.

Sometimes called snap-on dentures or implant-supported dentures, the affordable dental implants option works like this:

  • Only two implants: Instead of the typical dental implant procedure which requires the placement of four to six implants, only two implants are used.
  • Secure dentures: The two implants hold the customized dentures in place with a snap so they feel more like natural teeth. The palate is not covered by the denture and unreliable adhesives are no longer necessary.
  • Stability: The more costly and invasive dental implant options are of course more solid and secure, but the stability of snap-on dentures is still in place. You will have both improved chewing and speech and can go about your daily life with greater confidence and not worry about restorations staying put.
  • Easy care: You don’t have to do anything special to take care of your dental implants. Simply brush and floss daily as normal and see your dentist every six months for a checkup and teeth cleaning. It’s easy to keep dental implants healthy, clean, and in good condition because they look and feel just like natural teeth.

Because of the two dental implants alone, snap-on dentures are already a far more affordable option than traditional implant procedures, saving you about half the cost.

Have a Healthier Mouth with Affordable Dental Implants

Patients who have been living with dentures are happy to have all their teeth, but they may not be happy about dealing with the demands of this kind of removable appliance. Dental implants are attractive because they’re a permanent dental restoration – no embarrassing slips of the adhesive, no teeth falling out while you’re talking or eating, and no soreness from the dentures rubbing against the roof of the mouth.

Dental implants are never ill-fitting. They’re fitted about as perfectly as you can get, creating a healthier mouth along the way. Dental implants offer benefits like the following:

  • Mimic the structure of natural teeth
  • Make the jawbone healthier by preventing facial collapse
  • Prevent jawbone shrinkage which can occur over time when teeth are missing
  • Preserve the jawbone, especially right around the implants

Get Affordable Dental Implants in Philly

At Philly Dentistry, we use the highest-quality materials to achieve the best possible outcome for each dental implant patient. Dr. Cirka and his team are highly trained and experienced in dental implant surgeries and the design and placement of the denture that is snapped onto the dental implants.

We take our time with this treatment, ensuring that every step is done properly and carefully. We know you want to get your smile makeover completed quickly so you can enjoy your new look, but it is also necessary to wait for the jawbone to heal and bond with the dental implants so your beautiful smile lasts permanently.

If you are living unhappily with dentures, or if you have missing teeth that are causing you great embarrassment, schedule a consultation with Philly Dentistry in Center City. Find out whether affordable dental implants are right for you.

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