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    How Does Invisalign Work?

    Invisalign is a revolutionary orthodontic method. Invisalign is so amazing, in fact, that the treatment sometimes seems too good to be true. But it’s a fact that you can’t see the aligners while they slowly but gently move your teeth, and it’s a fact that Invisalign takes only a fraction of the time that conventional braces do. Learning how Invisalign works will help you appreciate this nuanced but highly targeted method of tooth alignment – and understand why it can work for you.

    Philadelphia Dentistry, Gold Provider of Invisalign in Center, City, Philadelphia, will determine whether you’re a good candidate for Invisalign, and provide insight into the methodology behind this dental innovation.

    The Role of Your Center City Invisalign Provider

    Invisalign’s clear aligners are responsible for straightening teeth and adjusting the jaw for complete functionality, good oral health, and a flawless smile, but just how is this magic accomplished?

    Your Center City Invisalign provider makes the following happen:

    Patient Responsibilities During Invisalign Treatment

    Ultimately, the success of your Invisalign braces is up to you and your dedication to your treatment. It’s essential to follow the rules of Invisalign so your teeth move as intended and on the unique timeline your dentist has determined.

    The Way Invisalign Works

    Your Center City Invisalign provider has a job. You as the Invisalign braces patient have a job. And your aligners have a job too. Invisalign does the following:

    The methodology could be called simple, but the work of Invisalign is complex, careful, and, most of all, effective.

    Find Out Whether Invisalign Will Work for You

    Besides the obvious benefit of Invisalign being nearly impossible to see, the wearer also avoids the discomfort of brackets and wires that are part of conventional metal braces. Invisalign is just as powerful as regular braces and far more friendly, especially for busy adults.

    To make sure you get the very best course of Invisalign braces, see Dr. Ken Cirka, Gold Provider of Invisalign in Center City, Philadelphia. He has fitted almost 1000 patients with Invisalign, carefully monitored their progress, and led them to their perfect smile. Contact us today to make your consultation or learn more about how Invisalign works and whether it’s right for you.

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