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    Invest in Your Smile at Highly Rated Center City Invisalign Practice

    Philadelphia has just about everything, including well-respected Center City Invisalign provider Dr. Ken Cirka. A Gold Provider of Invisalign, Dr. Cirka has seen hundreds of patients successfully through their course of Invisalign braces. Whether you live, work, or play in Center City, the location of Philadelphia Dentistry makes it incredibly convenient for you to get the straight teeth you have always wanted.

    5 Reasons to Choose Dr. Cirka and Philadelphia Dentistry as Your Center City Invisalign Provider

    1. Dr. Cirka is specially trained to provide Invisalign braces. Not just any dentist can offer Invisalign to their patients. Special training and instructional sessions conducted by the makers of Invisalign are required to become a certified provider. Treatment results must regularly be submitted for review, and ongoing clinical training must be completed.
    2. Dr. Cirka’s experience is hard to beat. A dentist can only be awarded the distinction of Gold Provider of Invisalign by treating over 300 patients total and conducting at least 50 cases every six months. Dr. Cirka has achieved and surpassed this level. Almost 20,000 Invisalign trays have been delivered by Philadelphia Dentistry during the past 16 years.  If you want a meticulous Center City Invisalign provider who knows what they’re doing, Dr. Cirka is your go-to guy.
    3. This practice doesn’t waste your time. Philadelphia Dentistry is home to knowledgeable and efficient dentists and staff, and they are conscientious about the demands on your time. Patients do not have to wait more than a few minutes to be seen, and once in the dentist’s chair, there is no rushing you through your appointment. Whatever your needs, questions, or concerns, every visit to this Center City Invisalign office will be one of exceptional, personal care.
    4. You will get honest answers about whether Invisalign is right for you. It’s essential to find a dentist who is looking out for your best interests. Dr. Cirka will not establish a course of Invisalign treatment for you if your teeth will not benefit from this orthodontic method. Some patients are better off with cosmetic dentistry to fix the complaints they have about the alignment of their smile.
    5. You can expect honest information and customized treatment. Dr. Cirka doesn’t sugarcoat the Invisalign experience. Sometimes the aligners will feel tight, and you have to take them out to eat and that’s not fun. But there are good things too: You’ll begin to see results almost immediately, and the convenience of being able to remove your aligners to eat is a gift in and of itself. No matter what, Dr. Cirka and his staff are open about what you can expect from your time wearing nearly invisible aligners on your teeth.

    Customizing Center City Invisalign to Your Needs

    As Gold Provider of Center City Invisalign, Dr. Cirka has seen it all. Even if you think your case is impossible, or if another dentist has told you that your teeth cannot possibly be straightened with Invisalign, give Philadelphia Dentistry the chance to review your case-all with a free consultation.

    Dr. Cirka knows that Invisalign works – and he knows how to make complicated cases work – and he’s determined to give you the pleasure of the results of an excellent course of treatment. The journey with Philadelphia Dentistry is enlightening and exciting and we are delighted to be the Center City Invisalign provider to guide you to your new smile.

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