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    Dental Implants Cost

    dental implants cost

    Dental implants are a permanent, lifelong dental restoration. Their longevity and security categorize this treatment as an advanced, high-end dental repair with a dental implants cost that is wholly worth the investment. This procedure restores the oral health of people who thought they’d never have complete, functional teeth again. At Philly Dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia, Dr. Ken Cirka and his team offer dental implants, and affordable payment plans, to qualified patients who are ready to rebuild their smiles.

    Breaking Down the Dental Implants Cost

    Dental implants all start with a base price, but the final dental implants cost can vary quite a bit because there are multiple elements that contribute to the final price, including:

    Average Dental Implant Costs in Center City

    It’s important to always keep in mind that dental implants are a lifelong, permanent restoration. They replace missing teeth as well as missing tooth roots, which supports jawbone health and your smile. They are a significant investment in your well-being and eliminate the need for less-beloved dental restorations like full dentures or other removable appliances.

    When dental implants are finally in place, you will never have to worry about the strength and ability of your teeth ever again. You can bite down, chew, speak, and smile with confidence, and you’ll have healthy, strong, beautiful teeth to enjoy.

    Average dental implant costs outlined below are out-of-pocket costs before dental insurance is taken into consideration. If you do have insurance that will cover dental implants, and you take advantage of an affordable payment plan, dental implant costs can be an incredibly manageable option.

    These estimates typically include the price of consultations and surgery, but it is always a good idea to ask your dental office to break down the costs so you know the particulars and can discuss the plans in detail.

    Paying for Dental Implant Costs

    Your oral health is important to the team at Philly Dentistry and we make recommendations about what is best for your teeth based on your unique needs. Dental insurance is designed to offset the cost of your dental treatment and while most plans cover restorative treatments like dental implants, it is rare for insurance to cover everything. Because of this reality, we offer a variety of payment options to make your dental implants affordable:

    Our financing options offer low fixed interest rates and financing plans that are available for people with a wide range of credit history. There are no fees to apply or prepayment penalties.

    For patients who want a financial perk ahead of time, any treatment that totals over $1,000 and is paid for ahead of your appointment will receive a 5% discount.

    Get Dental Implants at Philly Dentistry in Center City

    If you are missing one or many teeth, you don’t have to settle for this less-than-perfect smile any longer. If you have dentures and dislike them, it’s possible to make a change and restore your quality of life. Schedule an appointment with the Philly Dentistry team in Center City to find out if you’re a good candidate for dental implants – and what your dental implants costs will look like. Contact us today.

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