Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings in Philadelphia

Tooth-colored fillings are a natural-looking way to repair damaged or decayed teeth. Also called white or composite fillings, tooth-colored fillings correct oral health problems while beautifying teeth at the same time. If you have tooth pain or damage, schedule your visit with Dr. Cirka, Dr. Jeon, or Dr. Ridge at Philadelphia Dentistry to discuss tooth restoration.

Tooth-Colored Fillings vs. Silver Fillings


When you have a cavity, the decayed parts of your tooth need to be removed and filled in with another substance. There was a time when silver amalgam fillings were the norm, but these are no longer ideal dental restorations. Besides the trace amounts of mercury in silver fillings, the material can expand over time, which could fracture your tooth and require additional restorations. Silver fillings are sometimes to blame for the discoloration of the gums around the treated tooth.

Tooth-colored fillings are durable, long-lasting tooth repairs that are ideal for treating visible teeth as well as molars. They support and reinforce a tooth and do not compromise its structure while hiding any traces of damage or decay. They are considered a safer restoration because they are mercury-free.

Dental Problems Fixed by Tooth-Colored Fillings

Fillings aren’t only used to repair teeth that have cavities. They are versatile restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry solutions that can correct a problem tooth or address minor aesthetic issues. Fillings often eliminate the need for a more invasive or costly dental repair and they are typically completed in one visit to your Center City dentist.

Tooth-colored fillings are an excellent choice for:

  • Repairing a decayed tooth
  • Replacing old fillings
  • Stopping tooth deterioration
  • Restoring a cracked or chipped tooth
  • Preventing decay
  • Sculpting a misshapen tooth
  • Filling a tooth gap
  • Whitening a tooth

Modern fillings are strong. They not only correct dental problems and reshape teeth, but they stabilize surrounding tooth structure, so the health of neighboring teeth is not affected.

Types of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental fillings come in different forms, but they are all executed with the same end goal in mind: to correct problems and maintain a white smile. There are three typical forms of tooth-colored fillings that your Philadelphia dentist will consider for your repair or restoration:

  • Composite fillings: Composite filling material is designed to preserve as much of a natural tooth as possible. The color of the filling is customized to look just like the rest of your tooth enamel. Composite is often used for small- or medium-sized cavities.
  • Porcelain fillings: Super-strong and stain-resistant, porcelain fillings are also color-matched to the rest of your enamel. This restoration may be recommended for large cavities or a cavity on the chewing surface of your tooth.
  • Inlays and onlays: An inlay covers the biting surface of a tooth. An onlay, sometimes called a partial crown, covers the top of the tooth while also covering one or more of a tooth’s cusps. This repair is for especially large cavities and does heavier lifting than a traditional tooth-colored filling while preventing the need for a porcelain crown.

Get Tooth-Colored Fillings in Center City, Philadelphia

The beauty of modern cosmetic dentistry is that there are multiple treatment options for every type of oral health issue, and every dental restoration is also a cosmetic restoration, leaving the corrected tooth looking beautiful, complete, and natural. Find out if a tooth-colored filling is the right solution for your dental problem. Contact Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City, Philadelphia to schedule your appointment and discuss the dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry treatments that are appropriate for your oral health concerns.

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