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September 27, 2014
6 years ago

Your teeth change as you ageYour mind may be young, but as you age your body inevitably starts to betray you. Unfortunately, your teeth are included in these physical changes. Most of the shifts in oral health happen over time, but some can occur overnight and leave you in pain and wondering what dental solution is best. Here are three ways your teeth might change as you age. (more…)

September 15, 2014
6 years ago

Your smile affects career successIt doesn’t matter if you’re an attorney or HVAC repairman, teacher or realtor. When you interact with people on a daily basis, especially for your job, your face is front and center – and so is your smile. If your teeth are not in good shape, then you are no doubt incredibly self-conscious about them and hyper-aware of a person’s gaze going directly to your mouth. No matter what field you’re in, a good smile can only help your confidence, persuasiveness, and success. (more…)

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