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    November 25, 2014
    7 years ago

    Teeth whitening mistakesAn American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry Survey asked people what they’d most like to improve about their smile and an overwhelming number reported that they wanted whiter and brighter teeth. Unfortunately, many people attempt the do-it-yourself method when it comes to brightening up their smiles, which can have disastrous results and simply be ineffective. Don’t make these mistakes. (more…)

    November 17, 2014
    8 years ago

    New smile New YearInstead of lamenting the fact that your resolutions have already gone by the wayside come the second week of January, walk into the new year with a new smile – starting right now. Sporting a healthy, white, beautiful grin can motivate you to make lifestyle changes from head to toe, whether it’s the start of a new calendar year or not. (more…)

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