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    April 17, 2017
    7 years ago

    Our teeth and sinus cavity have a connection that can affect patients in many ways.

    Pressure in the sinus can be awful and cause pain in your eyes, ears, head, and even in your teeth.

    The sinRagazza con mal di dentius cavity is the area of the skull where air passes through before moving to the lungs. It is here that the air first gets warm and wet. Our body usually can fight bacteria in this air that passes through by producing mucous. Sometimes the bacteria are too strong and when this occurs the bacteria cause infections by growing aggressively.

    There are several different sinuses in the body. Only one of them, the maxillary sinus, can cause issues with your teeth. The maxillary sinus is located above your teeth and under your eyes.

    The maxillary sinuses sit on either side of your nose. The roots of the upper teeth are located very close to them and there is a lot of communication between these teeth and your sinus.


    Often patients come into the office with a horrible toothache that, believe it or not, is caused by a sinus infection. When pressure builds up in the sinus it can cause the teeth to ache, be sore, hurt upon biting down, and be temperature sensitive, especially to the cold.

    Keep in mind this does work both ways, as a tooth can be the cause of a bad headache or sinus pressure. Chronic sinus problems may be the result of a serious dental infection that needs treatment.

    It is important to contact your primary care physician and dentist if you are experiencing pain. The doctor will be able to determine whether the pain is coming from the sinus or from a tooth and treat as needed.

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    April 3, 2017
    7 years ago

    Porcelain dental veneers are an incredible tool in cosmetic dentistry. These ultra-thin, ultra-strong pieces of porcelain are shaped to fit over the top of your own teeth permanently and create a beautiful, natural looking smile that will change your life.

    Porcelain veneers work well when teeth are chipped, irregularly shaped, or dPorcelain-Veneersiscolored. Veneers can also work great with patients that have gaps in between their teeth.

    One of the most incredible parts of having veneers done is that they only take two visits. On the first visit the dentist will roughen the surface of your tooth, removing approximately one millimeter of enamel from each tooth’s surface. After this the dentist will take an impression and a series of photographs that will be sent to a dental laboratory that will custom fabricate your porcelain veneers.

    After the first visit you may leave with temporary veneers made out of acrylic. This will depend on your specific case. At your initial free consultation Dr. Cirka, Dr. Mimi Jeon, and Dr. Stephanie Smith will let you know if you require temporary veneers or not. They will also go over any questions or concerns that you have and explain the process in detail. We are here to help guide you on what would work best for your look and complexion and know you will love the result.

    imagesApproximately two weeks after the first visit your porcelain veneers will be successfully made by the laboratory. You will come in for your second visit upon which we will first try-on the veneers and show you how they will look. Once we have your approval on the size, shape, and color of the porcelain veneers, we will permanently cement them on top of your teeth.

    Once in place, the veneers can last 15-20 years with proper care and maintenance. Our team will make sure to go over proper brushing and flossing techniques for porcelain veneers as well as habits to avoid such as biting your fingernails. Dr. Cirka, Dr. Jeon and Dr. Smith will also check if you are clenching or grinding your teeth and make you a night-guard if needed so that your veneers will be protected from damage while you are asleep.

    Dr. Cirka, Dr. Jeon and Dr. Smith have been leaders in cosmetic dentistry and you will be in excellent hands in their care.  Call us to schedule your free consultation today at 215-568-6222. We look forward to meeting you!

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