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    February 27, 2013
    11 years ago

    Have you ever gotten a headache and figured it was from stress alone or a long day at work?  Or woken up with a sudden jaw ache?  Stress could be part of the reason, but these are also implications of teeth grinding, or “bruxism”.  Although it seems like one would be aware if they were guilty of clenching or grinding their teeth, it often happens while asleep or unknowingly throughout the day and affects nearly one out of every five people.  Bruxing can affect the structure of your teeth and face as well as your muscles and joints, making it more than “just another headache”.  This is why it’s important to be able to recognize the symptoms and become familiar with the easy option that we provide to treat this condition.  We can provide you with a device called an NTI or nightguard, which may be a fast solution to help you.

    Bruxism can lead to the following:

    • Teeth that are short/flat
    • Teeth worn down until the dentin (yellow-ish color) is exposed on chewing surfaces (or, if untreated, worn down to the gum line)
    • Teeth that chip easily, are sensitive, and are loose
    • Teeth and gums more prone to gingivitis and periodontal disease
    • Jaw muscles that are sore and joints that click (even making eating difficult)

    Since the main cause of teeth grinding is stress, something that is hard to rid your life of fully, it’s most important to focus on maintaining the health of your teeth and gums through treatment.  This can be done quickly, inexpensively, and painlessly with a custom nightguard.  This is a plastic retainer-esque piece molded to the shape of your teeth that is worn at night.  It blocks the surfaces of the teeth from hitting/harming each other during grinding and clenching.  This is the most cost-effective solution as it stops the destruction of the teeth for only $427, saving you restorations down the road, such as crowns or veneers, which can amount to thousands.

    If you suspect you’re grinding or clenching your teeth, you can set up a free consultation where Dr. Cirka can put your mind at ease.  Call us at 215-568-6222 or use our contact form to email us and request your appointment.  Get off the grind today!


    February 14, 2013
    11 years ago

    Some people automatically think of cosmetic dentistry as an unneeded expense or a “wouldn’t that be nice?”  However, cosmetic dentistry benefits more than you might think.  Moving and improving your teeth is not only crucial to their health and integrity, but a straight, white smile can boost your look and self-esteem, having an effect on your overall mood and enhancing the world around you.

    It’s no secret that the economy and job market are not ideal at the moment.  What many look past is that your health and appearance (that of your teeth included!) can be a key to success.  With few people fishing to hire individuals out of many who qualify, it’s coming down to more than just what’s on paper.  As silly as it sounds, simply smiling while talking makes you sound (not just appear) happier.  How better to gain that reason for happiness than through the way you show it?  Investing in your smile is investing in your confidence and, even further, your future, and who has time to wait for that?

    We’re currently offering a monthly special on Lumineers (super thin, strong, effective, long-lasting porcelain veneers by Cerinate) that can save you tons; let that be the push you need to schedule a free consultation.  Learn more from Dr. Cirka and experience for yourself how cosmetic dentistry can  a happier you with strong, healthy, AND beautiful teeth.  Now is the time!  The only better time was yesterday.

    February 5, 2013
    11 years ago

    Have you ever wished for straighter teeth but then decided “well, my teeth aren’t that crooked” or “maybe I’ll do it later”? Call off the wait! The time is now! Invisalign is the reason for a smiley season.

    Invisalign is the perfect way to straighten your teeth without the metal brackets of awkward teenage years.  Custom clear trays are made to fit perfectly to your teeth and move them more comfortably and quickly than traditional braces.  The best part is they are unnoticeable while you wear them!

    Why now?  For one, you’ve definitely come to the right place!  Dr. Cirka has extensive experience with this procedure and remains a Premier Preferred Provider for Invisalign.  Additionally, straight teeth are beneficial in more ways than just appearance. Perfectly aligned teeth are ideal in keeping up with your dental hygiene as they make it easier for you to floss and brush in any area.  Proper homecare along with regular visits with your hygienist decrease the chance of gingivitis and further advanced gum disease.  Straight AND healthy teeth – there’s a reason to smile!

    How can you get started? Dr. Cirka makes it easy, offering a free consultation where he can answer all of your questions and get you signed up. Call or email to schedule today and you’ll have a super smile before you can say “straighten”!

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