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January 27, 2015
6 years ago

bad dental habits, woman using teeth to remove pop topWe all have vices, but some of them could really do serious damage to your teeth. While there isn’t much that cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry can’t fix, why risk the condition of your pearly whites when you know better? Here are 9 habits that are ruining your teeth. (more…)

January 12, 2015
6 years ago

Whiter TeethFour people made a business of stealing tooth whitening strips from Wal-Mart and Target in Indianapolis and Central Pennsylvania over the past few months. Presumably, they were attempting to make a quick buck on resale value so they could pursue other unsavory activities. But perhaps they identified a market of people who were willing to barter for stolen goods so they could have brighter smiles. Or maybe they just wanted whiter teeth themselves. While we hope these individuals remember to take their toothbrush with them to prison, you needn’t stoop to such levels to get the whiter smile you want. Teeth whitening is easy, especially with professional assistance. (more…)

January 1, 2015
6 years ago

Adam L. enjoys how comfortable the office is and actually doesn’t mind his dental visits, “It’s nice that everyone knows your name here.  Pretty rare in a city this size!”

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