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October 23, 2014
6 years ago

Athletes and Oral HealthSerious athletes are usually considered to be some of the healthiest members of society, aren’t they? Maybe they’re ahead of the general population in certain areas of well-being, but when it comes to oral health, new research is saying that runners and athletes who participate in endurance training are more likely to develop tooth erosion and cavities. (more…)

October 16, 2014
6 years ago

HalloweenTeethHalloween means candy, whether you have kids or not. Maybe someone at your office has a bowl full of hard candy for the taking. Or you just might indulge in a bag or two of sugar and chocolate treats for your home. But people who wear braces are limited in what types of candy they can enjoy. Those wires and brackets can really get in the way of a good time. While no dentist condones overindulging in sweets, Invisalign certainly makes it easier for you to have a tasty snack or two on Halloween. (more…)

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