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September 19, 2016
4 years ago

 Have you even been in the dental aisle at the drug store and completely overwhelmed by all of the different choices of toothpaste there are? It can be tricky knowing which toothpaste is People at the gymthe best for your health when there are so many options!

This article will help you navigate the dental aisle more easily in order to make the best decision possible. Here are 9 tips for picking the best toothpaste for you: (more…)

September 4, 2016
4 years ago

Bad breath, Halitosis, is a very common problem that can occur at any age. Often it can be difficult to tell whether or not this is a problem for you.

Image result for bad breathOne quick way to tell if you have bad breath is to lick the inside of your wrist. After a few seconds the saliva will dry. If the back of your wrist smells bad then you probably have bad breath. (more…)

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