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    All-Teeth Dental Implants

    All-Teeth Dental Implants

    When a person is missing all their teeth on the top of their mouth or the bottom, or even all their teeth entirely, it can be daunting and embarrassing to show up at a dentist’s office and ask for help. At Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City, we take pride in helping patients restore their smile no matter how many teeth you may be missing. For many people, this means finding out if you’re a good candidate for all-teeth dental implants.

    Types of All-Teeth Dental Implants

    There are a few effective ways to use dental implants to replace all your teeth on the top and bottom of your mouth. The condition of your oral health, bone density, and gums will impact what’s possible, but the most common all-teeth dental implants include the following:

    Sometimes, the name of the dental restoration will vary, but every all-teeth dental implant solution is very similar to its counterparts. They are all ambitious, multiple-teeth restorations, but the results are the same – the replacement of missing teeth for a fully functional, attractive, natural-looking smile.

    Take the Step to Restore Your Smile

    Missing teeth are a serious problem, especially when you’re missing all of them. You may think that not having teeth can’t get any worse but, over time, the shape of your face will compress and you will look older. The absent teeth already make a person look unhealthy and years beyond their age. You have power over your own dental intervention.

    Rely on the all-teeth dental implant solutions offered by your Center City restorative dentist. Your toothless smile can be transformed into a permanent, beautiful smile. The dental implant solution that’s best for your oral health will be customized so it suits the condition your mouth is in.

    Are You a Good Candidate for All-Teeth Dental Implants in Center City?

    There is always a solution for restoring missing teeth, even if you’re missing every single tooth in your mouth or across one arch of teeth. All-teeth dental implants are the most effective, safest, natural-looking solution possible and give you a complete smile as well as incredible self-confidence. Permanence is the key to a good dental restoration and dental implants won’t go anywhere once they’re firmly bonded to your jawbone.

    If you are tired of living with missing teeth and ready to pursue the most effective dental restoration, contact Dr. Ken Cirka at Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City to schedule a consultation about all-teeth dental implants. Together, we will determine the most effective customized solution.

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