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    December 31, 2015
    8 years ago

    We dentists often get asked “DO I REALLY NEED TO SEE A DENTIST?”

    YES.  There are reasons that you may or may not know:

    Avoid Major Dental Work

    With regular checkups, we dentists can spot early signs of decay at a stage when the damage can sometimes be reversed, which means you’ll avoid the dreaded drill. The tooth enamel gets broken down over time.  We dentists can detect it early and take steps to reverse that process with various fluoride products, so your tooth will go back to normal and you’ll avoid a cavity. You could end up saving time and money.


    December 29, 2015
    8 years ago

    Fixing a Gummy Smile- What are my options?

    Patients often ask if veneers or braces are the right option for them to correct a “gummy smile.” When you come into our office for an initial consultation, Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier will evaluate your smile and see how to best achieve perfection.

    Many times when we evaluate patients a main concern is their “gummy smile.” Before the teeth can be appropriately treated, the doctors will need to address the concern of the gummy smile as the first step in creating your smile. (more…)

    December 21, 2015
    8 years ago

    Right VS. Wrong Brushing

    Improper brushing is more common than most would think.  Brushing your teeth may sound like a simple task, but doing so improperly could lead into problems regarding your oral health.  Brushing-Teeth  Your mouth has more germs in it than the number of people on this planet.  “A common misunderstanding is that just brushing your teeth is enough”, says Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Jessica Meier.  “Be sure and brush all around your mouth including roof, tongue, cheeks and gums.” (more…)

    December 14, 2015
    8 years ago

    Is Invisalign the Right Cosmetic Solution for You?

    As part of your free cosmetic consultation, Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier will evaluate your teeth to find out if clear aligner therapy through Invisalign is the right solution for you.

    As premier providers in the greater Philadelphia area, Dr. Cirka and Dr. Meier are leaders in Invisalign therapy. At your consultation they will study your smile with a critical cosmetic eye and envision how the teeth will predictably move. With aligner trays the teeth gradually and gently shift into place, creating beautiful smiles. (more…)

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