Dental Implant Durability in Philadelphia, PA

When you make the decision to replace missing teeth, you want a solution that will last. Dental implants' durability is never called into question. This restorative dentistry treatment is strong enough to replace a tooth in both form and function. At Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City, we specialize in several versions of dental implants, making it possible for patients to achieve complete, healthy smiles and fill the holes left by missing teeth.

What Makes Dental Implants So Strong


When it comes to dental implant durability, it’s hard to find another dental restoration that can compete. There are other ways to replace missing teeth, including dental bridges and dentures, but there is nothing quite like dental implants. Here’s what makes them so durable:

  • A titanium post is surgically implanted into the jawbone and replaces the missing tooth root.
  • An abutment – a metal post that resembles a screw – is attached to the post and peeks out just above the gumline.
  • A prosthetic tooth is permanently attached to the abutment for a complete restoration.

Whether you choose to replace a single tooth with an implant topped with a crown, or whether you get several dental implants that serve as placeholders for implant dentures, the solution is a complete one. It is strong, and sturdy, and allows the wearer to have a fully functional smile once again. You can bite, chew, and speak with confidence.

Understanding Dental Implants Durability and Performance

There was a time when only non-permanent dental restorations were the solution for missing teeth. While dental bridges and dentures are amazing repairs for many patients, they aren’t right for everyone. Many unhappy denture-wearers want a solution that is more secure and reliable. Some people with missing teeth only want to discuss implants.

If you are seeking a durable restorative dentistry treatment, dental implants could be the answer. Dental implant durability is clear from how the implant is precisely placed and in how teeth and smiles perform after healing is complete.

  • Teeth are replaced both above and below the gumline.
  • An artificial tooth is supported by the metal root of the implant, which fuses with the jawbone to develop a solid foundation.
  • It takes time to complete the dental implant procedure. Once the implant is placed, the healing process takes several months, and finally, the prosthetic tooth is attached.
  • Once all these steps are complete, the restoration is permanent. You can function normally and it will feel like you have a natural tooth in your mouth.

Take Care of Dental Implants to Enhance Durability

How you care for a dental restoration has a direct impact on how long it lasts and how effective it will be as part of your smile. Thankfully, the upkeep of dental implants is simple – it’s as simple as you can get.

  • Brush and floss teeth normally. A dental implant is technically a new tooth in your mouth. All you have to do is take care of it by brushing at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day. It doesn’t require a special routine or particular tools. Just clean your teeth.
  • See your dentist every six months. Everyone should see their dentist twice a year for a checkup and teeth cleaning. Wearers of dental implants will especially want to keep up with these visits so your dentist can double-check the health and functionality of your dental implant and prevent further tooth loss.
  • Maintain healthy habits. How you behave affects dental implants' durability too. Don’t chew on things you shouldn’t, like writing instruments, glasses, or ice chunks. Avoid things that can stain your teeth like dark sodas, red wine, and tobacco. Wear a mouth guard if you are playing a contact sport.

Replace Missing Teeth with Dental Implants

If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, schedule a consultation with the dental team at Philadelphia Dentistry in Center City. Find out more about dental implants durability and whether you’re a good candidate for this restoration.

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