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October 25, 2017
2 years ago
  • case: Linda B.
  • desc: Linda was unhappy with her smile for her entire life. It affected her confidence and ability to enjoy herself by smiling and laughing with friends and family. In only two appointments we were able to completely revamp her confidence and give her a beautiful result and now she cannot stop smiling. Her only regret is not doing it sooner!
  • pic before: linda b smile retract before
  • pic after: linda b smile retract after 2
July 30, 2017
3 years ago
  • case: Joe C.
  • desc: Joe came to see us for a consultation for cosmetics. He was told by another dentist that his front two teeth needed to come out and that he was not a candidate for dental implants to replace the front teeth. Dr. Meier confirmed this diagnosis and was able to treat his case by creating a porcelain bridge with zirconia framework that spans the upper front 6 teeth. This solution is very strong and will last Joe a very long time. He now cannot stop smiling and loves the result!
  • pic before: joe c before all 300-3
  • pic after: joe c all after 300 -2
SG procedures
July 19, 2017
3 years ago
  • case: Laura S.
  • desc: Laura came to see us because she wanted a perfect smile for her wedding coming up in August. She read about Invisalign and veneers and was not sure what the best option was for her case. After a free consultation with Dr. Meier they discussed using porcelain veneers to accomplish what she was looking for and we were able to create a beautiful result using 8 porcelain veneers that will stay shiny and white for her wedding and for years afterwards to come!
  • pic before: laura before all 3
  • pic after: laura s after all4
April 20, 2017
3 years ago
  • case: Sean E.
  • desc: Sean was transferred to Philadelphia from Dublin for his job. He was hoping to straighten his teeth and came in for a consultation. Previously Sean went on 5 separate consultations and was told by other dentists that he needed to have teeth pulled in order to be able to straighten them. He was also told that he could not do Invisalign and he needed to have metal braces instead. Dr. Meier and Dr. Cirka told Sean that in our office we would be able to treat him with Invisalign and none of his teeth would have to be removed in order to straighten them. Sean was thrilled and is so happy with the result!
  • pic before: sean e smile before3
  • pic after: sean e smile after
SG procedures
March 29, 2017
3 years ago
  • case: Deboreah V.
  • desc: Deb came our office after wanting to replace her front two teeth for years. She knew she needed crowns for the front two teeth and was considering enhancing her smile with a set of 2 crowns and 6 veneers for a full smile. She was extremely fearful however after talking to our staff she felt totally at ease and made the decision and could not be more thrilled!
  • pic before: deboreah v before
  • pic after: deboreah v smile after
December 14, 2016
3 years ago
  • case: Anthony H.
  • desc: Tony was missing his front tooth for several years and using a fake “flipper” tooth to fill in the gap. He was very unhappy with the cosmetics and ready for a change. In less than a month, with only two dental visits, we replaced the missing tooth with a bridge. Tony loves it and cannot stop smiling!
  • pic before: anthony h before
  • pic after: anthony h after
SG procedures
December 14, 2016
3 years ago
  • case: Sharice T.
  • desc: Sharice always hated the way her two front teeth looked and thought fixing them would be way out of her financial budget. We took a look and knew that with cosmetic bonding we could quickly and easily fix her two front teeth. When Sharice saw the result she immediately teared up with joy and was so happy with the result! After the bonding she could not stop smiling.
  • pic before: sharice t before
  • pic after: sharice t after
SG procedures
December 14, 2016
3 years ago
  • case: Sakeenah M.
  • desc: Sakeenah came to see us one week before her birthday and was so upset she chipped her front tooth! She really liked the gap in her front teeth and wanted us to fix the tooth, keep it looking natural, and keep the gap. With no needles and no pain, we were able to fix her tooth with bonding that very same morning and have her smiling for her birthday party.
  • pic before: sakeenah m before
  • pic after: sakeenah m after
SG procedures
December 13, 2016
3 years ago
  • case: Joel P.
  • desc: Joel P. was considering veneers for all of his anterior teeth in order to improve his smile. He specifically did not like the one dark tooth he had due to a history of root canal therapy. Financially he was unable to do the entire smile but simply by fixing the one tooth we were able to see a HUGE improvement. Joel was thrilled!
  • pic before: joel p before
  • pic after: joel p after
SG procedures
December 7, 2016
3 years ago
  • case: Winkenia M.
  • desc: Winkenia was unhappy with the color and shape of her front teeth. With just two easy appointments she was very pleased. We performed in office ZOOM! Whitening and then did bonding on several of the front teeth. The result is a huge improvement!
  • pic before: winkenia m before 155 B
  • pic after: winkenia m after 155
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