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December 14, 2016
3 months ago
  • case: Anthony H.
  • desc: Tony was missing his front tooth for several years and using a fake “flipper” tooth to fill in the gap. He was very unhappy with the cosmetics and ready for a change. In less than a month, with only two dental visits, we replaced the missing tooth with a bridge. Tony loves it and cannot stop smiling!
  • pic before: anthony h before
  • pic after: anthony h after
SG procedures
December 14, 2016
3 months ago
  • case: Sharice T.
  • desc: Sharice always hated the way her two front teeth looked and thought fixing them would be way out of her financial budget. We took a look and knew that with cosmetic bonding we could quickly and easily fix her two front teeth. When Sharice saw the result she immediately teared up with joy and was so happy with the result! After the bonding she could not stop smiling.
  • pic before: sharice t before
  • pic after: sharice t after
SG procedures
December 14, 2016
3 months ago
  • case: Sakeenah M.
  • desc: Sakeenah came to see us one week before her birthday and was so upset she chipped her front tooth! She really liked the gap in her front teeth and wanted us to fix the tooth, keep it looking natural, and keep the gap. With no needles and no pain, we were able to fix her tooth with bonding that very same morning and have her smiling for her birthday party.
  • pic before: sakeenah m before
  • pic after: sakeenah m after
SG procedures
December 13, 2016
3 months ago
  • case: Joel P.
  • desc: Joel P. was considering veneers for all of his anterior teeth in order to improve his smile. He specifically did not like the one dark tooth he had due to a history of root canal therapy. Financially he was unable to do the entire smile but simply by fixing the one tooth we were able to see a HUGE improvement. Joel was thrilled!
  • pic before: joel p before
  • pic after: joel p after
SG procedures
December 7, 2016
4 months ago
  • case: Winkenia M.
  • desc: Winkenia was unhappy with the color and shape of her front teeth. With just two easy appointments she was very pleased. We performed in office ZOOM! Whitening and then did bonding on several of the front teeth. The result is a huge improvement!
  • pic before: winkenia m before 155 B
  • pic after: winkenia m after 155
December 5, 2016
4 months ago
  • case: Colleen K.
  • desc: Colleen was not happy with the staining on her front teeth. The staining especially bothered her father and so he did a lot of research to find the best cosmetic dentist in the area and encouraged her to come in for a free consultation with us. The result was done in just 2 visits with 8 porcelain veneers to create a beautiful, stain free smile!
  • pic before: colleen k before veneers2
  • pic after: colleen k after veneers
September 22, 2016
6 months ago
  • case: Frankie G.
  • desc: Frankie had three Invisalign consultations before coming into our office. The doctors told him conflicting information and he wasn’t sure if Invisalign would even work for him at this point. After coming into our office he felt confident in our comprehensive treatment planning and was ready to move forward with Invisalign. He is so pleased with the results!
  • pic before: frankie g smile before
  • pic after: frankie g smile after
SG procedures
September 22, 2016
6 months ago
  • case: Jill H.
  • desc: Jill has been a patient of ours for years. Her upper teeth are beautiful and straight where we placed porcelain veneers. On her lower teeth however there was a significant amount of crowding. Her hygienist, Kim, noticed that at each dental hygiene appointment the only area where there was tartar build-up and bleeding was in the areas where the teeth are crowded. We discussed doing Invisalign for health in order to make the areas easier to keep clean and Jill got a great result! Not only is it a large cosmetic improvement but more importantly, straight teeth are healthier teeth.
  • pic before: jill h smile before
  • pic after: jill h smile after
September 22, 2016
6 months ago
  • case: James B.
  • desc: James was unhappy with his smile and ready to make a change. He felt his teeth were very crooked and was told in the past that he needed metal braces to fix them. With 9 months of Invisalign his teeth were no longer crowded and James was very happy with his straight, smiling teeth!
  • pic before: james b before
  • pic after: james b after
SG procedures
September 15, 2016
6 months ago
  • case: Christine M.
  • desc: Christine was unhappy with the way her lower teeth were overlapping. She came in asking what the options were because she did not want metal braces. Since the crowding was in the beginning stages, we were able to fix the teeth with an abbreviated version of alignment called Invisalign 10. In only 20 weeks she was completely finished with her treatment and is thrilled with how straight her teeth are now!
  • pic before: christine m before
  • pic after: christine m after
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