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Check out this new post from Little Free Pantry – Aliquippa HOP Lutheran about Dr. Cirka practicing radical generosity!

Today is the perfect day to focus on what we are thankful for. When people practice generosity, we are always thankful and grateful. When people practice RADICAL generosity, however, it takes you back. It takes your breath away. It can even make you cry.

Most of you who know and love our LFP are familiar with Dr. Ken Cirka of Philadelphia Dentistry. Radical generosity isn’t just a “sometimes” thing for him; it’s a way of life. Dr. Ken’s radical generosity is the reason our Little Free Fridge exists on the porch at House of Prayer Lutheran Church. It’s the reason that countless turkeys and hams were able to be donated by individuals this holiday season; the reason that thousands of gallons of milk have been able to be distributed, the reason that good, perishable food has been able to make it’s way to those in need in our community. And that is just one example of the times he has been radically generous with us.

cirka thankful

We have recently been working with Aliquippa School District on an initiative to help our elementary school students struggling with the transition to virtual learning. Our committee came up with some ideas that would require funds that we don’t have. I remembered a donation that Dr. Ken made to our LFP a few months ago for signage (that we hadn’t used yet), and wondered if he would perhaps allow us to use that money for this new initiative.

I know how important education is to Dr. Ken – just this past Fall he made a large donation to a group working to fund computers for Ambridge School District children who were facing virtual learning with no computers. His donation resulted in providing dozens of children the opportunity to successfully continue their education. So I was hopeful and confident that he would be on board with the new use of this already-donated money.

His response stopped me dead in my tracks. Not only was he on board and excited about the initiative, but he made an ADDITIONAL donation to support it – FOUR TIMES THE AMOUNT OF THE DONATION I WAS ASKING ABOUT! His words were: “Keep pushing forward as we all have the responsibility to make this world a better place. You guys are rocking it! Thank you for all that you do!”

Dr. Ken, we cannot thank you enough for believing in us and our community! We will continue to strive to make our world a better place, and use your model of radical generosity as an inspiration to do so!! ❤ Folks, take a moment to reflect on the good around us. There is much. Happy Thanksgiving!! ❤

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