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September 17, 2013
6 years ago

When someone’s teeth don’t fit their face, it’s hard not to notice. Consider the actress and singer Hilary Duff, who is often more talked about for having her horsey veneers shortened than for her celebrity status.

Poorly fitted dentures or veneers are often the culprit behind the wrong size teeth. It’s hard to believe that celebrities exhibit some of the “toothiest” grins out there – which may make you have doubts about getting your own porcelain veneers or cerinate lumineers.

Don’t be wary: There is a happy medium. You won’t come out of our Philadelphia dental office looking like Gary Busey or American Idol’s Elliot Yamin with their obvious mouthfuls of big teeth. Authenticity is the goal when you’re opting for a new smile via cosmetic dentistry.

Well-done veneers are barely noticeable – when your new smile is properly fitted and proportioned to the rest of your face, you’ll have acquaintances wondering what’s different about you. You’ll be satisfied, confident, and refreshed – they might think you lost weight or got a new hairstyle. That’s the right reaction to a new smile. Your new smile should naturally enhance your features without changing your face.

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