What Dentists Look for When Smile Designing

Are you thinking about a smile makeover? Here at Philadelphia Dentistry, our team gives you top-notch treatment. Starting with your initial phone call, our new patient coordinator will cater to you. All of your questions and concerns will be answered so you are fully prepared for your visit. Once you arrive, our receptionist will greet you with a smile and get you settled before your appointment. Finally, our doctors will meet with you for your consultation.

Top 5 things our doctors consider when designing a new smile:

Smile Goals: 

Our doctors consider a lot when meeting with a new smile makeover patient. Each treatment plan is completely customized to you. Our doctors will ask you several questions to get an exact idea of how you want your smile makeover to look. This is done to ensure that all of your smile goals are properly delivered to you by our team.

Type of Treatment: 

Next, our doctors will perform an exam. The exam will show more information that will reveal what type of treatment would be best. For example, would veneers, crowns, a dental bridge, a denture, etc. be the best fit? What your current teeth look like will depict the best treatment plan for you.


Our doctors will look at your face shape, eye shape, and nose. Our team only delivers smile makeovers that best compliment the patient’s facial features. For instance, think of teeth shaping like contouring. Long teeth compliment a round-shaped face, round teeth complement a heart-shaped face, etc.  


Patients will decide whether they want a very natural-looking smile makeover or if they want the super bright, perfect smile that is clear cosmetic work. Common questions our doctors will ask patients are, “Do you want people to tell you there’s something different about you, but I can’t figure out what it is.” Or “Do you want people to see your bright, perfect smile from across the room?”

Lips and Gums:

Taking the lips and gums into consideration is vital for beautiful smile makeovers. Our doctors are perfectionists and know exactly how to design the perfect smile for you. The lips should cover the gums, and the gums should be symmetrical. Also, our doctors like to ensure that your top teeth are hugging your bottom lip. See in the photo how the teeth lie on the bottom lip. That is perfection! A beautiful, symmetrical, wide smile…we love it!

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