Signs You Have Gum Disease


Before we get into the signs of gum disease, let’s talk about what gum disease even is. The clinical term for gum disease is “periodontitis.” Bacteria grows in your mouth and causes destruction in your teeth and gums. There could be a loss of bone supporting your teeth caused by an immune response to the bacteria below the gum line. Gum disease is common but also preventable for the most part. The most common cause of gum disease is poor oral hygiene. Below is a list of five signs that point to gum disease.

  1. No cleaning for 2+ years

This takes the cake for number one! The most common cause of gum disease is poor oral health, so if you aren’t coming to the dentist, this applies. It is so important to visit your dentist twice a year. Dentists are teeth professionals and have all the tools to keep your mouth healthy. They will also keep you informed about what you can do at home to ensure a healthy mouth.

  1. Bleeding gums

Before your gums bleed, they could appear bright red. This bright red color usually means that the gums are irritated. If your gums are irritated, there is something wrong. What’s happening is your gums are inflamed and infected and start pulling away from the roots of your teeth. As a result, your gums could start bleeding.

  1. Bad breath

If you do not brush and floss your teeth, your mouth isn’t receiving proper cleaning. This can result in food and other particles getting stuck in your mouth. This results in bacteria growth in your teeth. It is important to practice good oral hygiene so your mouth stays healthy and your breath stays fresh!

  1. Smoking

Smoking is obviously not healthy, but how does it affect your gums? Smoking weakens your body’s immune system. So, if your immune system is being weakened, it will be more difficult for your body to fight off gum infections. If you already have gum damage, smoking will make it even harder for your gums to heal.

  1. Visible plaque around your teeth

Plaque is always forming on our teeth. When we eat and drink sugary treats, sticky plaque coats our teeth. If not properly cared for, this plaque can damage your tooth enamel and gums. It is important to practice good oral care to fight back against plaque buildup.

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