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    Healthy Heart from Healthy Teeth?

    October 1, 2015
    6 years ago

    Healthy Heart from Healthy Teeth?

    Did you know that oral health habits can lead to keeping your heart healthier as well?  Research has found many links to the state or your heart and the state of your mouth.  It’s found that those who currently have gum disease, or periodontitis, are 2x more likely at risk for heart disease.  It works the other way around as well- those who currently have heart disease suffer from bleeding gums, tooth lose and gum disease.  heart





    Can You Get a Heart Attack from Gum Disease?

    Experts are discovering that inflammation in ones mouth has a common linkage to cardiovascular disease.  Some bacteria normally develop in your mouth, but if you’re not properly removing plaque (flossing and brushing), the chance of gum disease heightens.  Gum disease causes your mouth to bleed which results in bacteria having access to enter your bloodstream!  This bacteria is what can increase your possibility of gum disease by aiding blood clots which interferes with your arteries.  Researchers are also exploring possible links between gum disease and diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease, osteoporosis and even premature babies.

    Steps for Both Your Teeth and Heart

    Reported from the American Academy of Periodontology, half the people over the age of 55 have gum disease.  Also the main reason people ages 35 + lose teeth is due to gum disease.  Clearly, your risk for gum disease increases as you get older, so regular routine cleanings/check ups help to fight this from occurring.

    Here are some common symptoms and warning signs of gum disease:

    • Swollen/tender gums
    • Loose teeth
    • Sensitive teeth
    • Pain when chewing
    • Sour taste in mouth
    • Bad breath

    “Unfortunately gum disease may have no signs at all,” says Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Cirka. “That’s why it’s important to see your dentist for regular exams– to catch small problems before they become expensive bigger ones”.  What’s important is that maintaining your oral health is key to a healthier heart. Call us now to not only maintain a healthy smile but also possibly prevent heart conditions 215-568-6222.


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