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    Are You a Victim of Bad Morning Breath?

    October 30, 2015
    6 years ago

    Are You a Victim of Bad Morning Breath?

    Ever wonder why you may wake up with the worst morning breath?  Here’s why: When we sleep, your mouth dries out which is why your breath can worsen in the morning.  Morning breath, or Halitosis, isn’t the best way to start out your day.  morning brethWhile asleep saliva will decrease and cause many to wake up with bad morning breath” says Philadelphia Dentist Dr. Jessica Meier.  Also if you breath through your mouth or snore you are more likely to have bad morning breath due to your mouth drying out even more.




    Other Causes

    Certain medications can cause your mouth to dry out overnight.  This is a major reason why the older population tends to be a victim.   Smokers can wake up with bad morning breath because smoking accelerates saliva drying out and increases temperatures in the mouth.  Also allergies can lead to bad breath due to mucus dripping to the back of ones throat that becomes a source for bacteria.

    Different Ways to Treat Bad Breath

    65% of Americans have halitosis but bad breath is treatable!

    • Daily Brushing: Practicing good oral hygiene can help to eliminate bad breath.  When brushing, be sure to brush for a full 2 minutes, not just 30 seconds like most, and twice a day. Also after brushing head immediately to bed.  “Don’t forget to brush your tongue, cheeks, and even the roof of your mouthDr. Meier reminds patients.  85 % of bad breath comes from the tongue due to bacteria hiding at the back of the tongue.  “You’ll notice that your breath will be significantly better in the morning if you brush your tongue the night before”.
    • Flossing: Flossing helps to remove food particles that can get stuck between gums and teeth.  “Only brushing your teeth will not suffice; without proper flossing the bacteria is still in your mouth” says Dr. Meier.
    • Rinse: Mouthwash can help reduce bad breath but only temporarily.  We recommend to purchase a mouthwash that kills germs and has a seal of approval from the American Dental Association.  “The mouthwash that we find works best is Listerine Total Care.  Be sure to use it every night for results” Dr. Meier advises.

    The best way to keep healthy and eliminate bad breath is by coming to see us for dental cleanings throughout the year. Call us now to solve your bad morning breath problems 215-568-6222.

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