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    Dieting for Your Teeth

    August 14, 2015
    7 years ago

    Dieting for Your Teeth

    The food you eat doesn’t only affect your hips!  What you put in your mouth can determine just how healthy your teeth and gums are as well as prevent gum disease.  While a healthy diet of various vegetables, fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats and lean proteins help your health overall, there a few key foods that can maximize it.  Learn what the best diet is for you to get the healthiest, strongest teeth possible.woman eating apple-saidaonline


    As we’ve heard time and time again, drinking milk builds strong bones and it’s especially true when it comes to your teeth.  Calcium is essential from your child to teen years while your teeth are fully maturing.  Once your wisdom teeth come in does not mean that teeth can do without calcium.  When a diet is low on calcium, the body then takes what it can get from your teeth and bones to remain functioning properly which could lead to oral disease and cavities.  The jawbone is especially affected by lack of calcium and can weaken which results in loose teeth and greater risk of oral disease.

    Eating four to two servings of dairy per day will help you reach the minimum suggested needed to remain healthy.

    Vitamin C 

    Vitamin C helps the body fight off infection. The smallest form of periodontal disease,  gingivitis,  causes gums to swell, turn red and bleed easily.  “We now know that even the slight inflammation  of gingivitis increases ones risk of heart and cardiovascular disease.” Dr. Cirka says.

    Eating at least one piece of fruit (oranges, grapefruits and/or kiwis) daily will help you reach the minimum suggested needed to remain healthy.

    Fruits and Vegetables 

    The crunchier the type, like apples, carrots, celery and pears; the better!  The crisp texture of fruits and vegetables is used as a type of primitive toothbrush, getting rid of bacteria which can contribute to plaque.


    Although tea can stain teeth, studies have shown that ingredients in black tea can cease oral disease and the growth of cavities.


    Drinking as much water as you can will help to wash away any bacteria hiding between teeth and gums.  The best water for your teeth is tap water since it has fluoride in it that aids the prevention of tooth decay.

    You Should Avoid…

    Sugary items, especially hard or gummy candy that stick to your teeth.  Popular sodas cause an extra hit to your teeth due to containing both acids and sugars.  It’s important to be mindful that even foods that are beneficial to ones health (like milk) contain sugars.  Regardless of what you eat, it’s always important to floss and brush as soon as possible after (or at least rinse your mouth).  As always, brushing twice a day and visiting your dentist regularly will get you the healthy smile you’ve always wanted!


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