Kick the Habit: A Smile Makeover After You Quit Smoking

Finally stopped smoking? Congratulations! This change can only benefit your overall health and wellness. But even though you no longer smell like cigarettes or have cigarette breath, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a telltale sign of your one-time addiction: your smile. No matter how long your smoking habit lasted, chances are good that tobacco did some damage to your smile.

Over-the-counter whitening treatments are unlikely to be very helpful in removing nicotine stains. Professional, in-office tooth whitening can take care of surface stains. But, in many cases, smoking can go deep and cause irreparable damage to the tooth enamel, and the best way to get a new, white smile is with cosmetic dentistry.

Reversing Tobacco Damage to Enamel

Sometimes getting a white, beautiful smile again isn’t a matter of the right amount of polishing and brushing – it’s a matter of covering up. And porcelain veneers and Cerinate Lumineers get that done nicely. Both offer longevity as a cosmetic dentistry solution, but it’s a personal decision what type of treatment is best for your teeth. Cerinate Lumineers are a safe option for sensitive patients – a common affliction of former smokers – because they don’t require grinding down tooth structure. Lumineers have become a popular choice alongside veneers because they offer a less-invasive and pain-free way to get the stunning smile you want.

Filling the Gaps in Your Smile

In some cases, smoking may have damaged your teeth so badly that you have lost some teeth, or you need to have teeth pulled. Many smokers find themselves suffering with gum disease or early periodontal disease which can lead to tooth loss. You don’t want to leave these holes in your smile, even if they’re not-often-seen molars. Missing teeth can alter the foundation of your smile and give your face a sunken look, automatically aging you far beyond your years. Dental implants are the solution, recreating a solid foundation for whatever dental treatment you may receive.

New Life After Quitting Smoking

A smoking habit is known to sometimes impair the healing process after a dental procedure, so it’s crucial that you have a thorough oral examination and cleaning before undergoing any sort of cosmetic dentistry or restorative dentistry. There may be gum disease or other problems that need to be addressed before the aesthetics of your smile can be addressed.

If you’re still struggling with the motivation to quit smoking, don’t forget about the tobacco-related health complications that you could develop, like oral cancer. And there are the simply undesirable side effects of smoking like a dulled sense of taste. Contact Philadelphia Dentistry to schedule your consultation with Dr. Ken Cirka to learn about the smile makeover treatment that’s right for your new, smoking-free life.


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