5 Ways to Improve Your Smile in the New Year

There are plenty of resolutions being made now for the New Year, and chances are many of them will be abandoned before Valentine’s Day rolls around. Changing the way you look can happen in a variety of ways – weight loss isn’t the only way to reinvent yourself – and nothing makes a bigger impact than the quality of your smile.

Here are 5 ways to improve your smile in the New Year:

1. Take care of your smile

Don’t skip those important bi-annual visits to your dentist for a thorough cleaning and dental exam. These appointments may not always be easy to fit into your schedule, but make time for them. This is when your dentist can discover problems before they get out of hand, which means you’ll have better oral health for it.

2. Fix what needs to be fixed

It’s time to stop suffering with a cracked tooth, jaw pain, bleeding gums, or loose or shifting teeth. All of these issues have solutions like dental crowns and bridges or dental implants. Some oral health problems, however, could indicate deeper issues, like periodontal disease, in which case you want to get that diagnosis sooner rather than later to avoid encountering serious strain on your mouth, time, and resources in the future.

3. Indulge in TLC

Your self-confidence might only need a boost in the form of a whitening treatment. Investing in a professional dental tooth whitening treatment will improve your appearance and how you view yourself as the New Year rolls in. And you can get it done on your lunch break.

4. Straighten up

Always lamented your crooked smile? Your overlapping front teeth? Your less than perfect set of teeth? Invisalign is the most popular tooth straightening solution for adults, allowing you to get the aligned smile you want, on the sly. There’s no need for your dental work to interfere with your social life, professional life, or favorite foods. Invisalign is hardly noticeable and easy to maintain.

5. Get a five-star smile

We’re willing to bet there’s a public figure or two who has a smile that you envy, at least just a little. Chances are, they didn’t come by these smiles through genetic luck. Cosmetic dentistry makes it possible for you to get the white, megawatt grin that will make you look healthier, wealthier, happier, more attractive, and more reliable. The options most celebrities opt for are porcelain veneers or the less-invasive Cerinate lumineers. Both treatments cover your existing teeth with thing pieces of porcelain to produce a smile that’s even, natural-looking, and complementary to your face shape.

Being proud of your smile and confident in your appearance can change the quality of your life and your level of success both personally and professionally. Contact Dr. Ken Cirka at Philadelphia Dentistry to discuss the possibilities for your smile makeover and welcome the New Year with excitement knowing your new smile is only a few dental visits away.

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