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    Take the Easy Way Out of Crooked Teeth

    July 23, 2013
    10 years ago

    porcelain-veneersNowadays there are more than one type of braces that can straighten your teeth.  There are traditional metal brackets, clear metal brackets, invisible tray aligners like Invisalign, and even tiny bars that can be secured behind your teeth so nobody can see them.  All of these options work; there are different solutions for different cases.  The only concern with these is the length of time it takes.

    Did you know that there is another way to straighten your teeth?  Cosmetic veneers can do this and make them as white as you like at the same time!  The best part is, it only takes 2 visits and 2 weeks.  In our office, we offer Lumineers by Cerinate.  These are different from traditional veneers because they are thinner, more natural looking, stronger, and they require less removal of natural tooth structure.  If you are a lucky candidate, you couldn’t find a quicker, more painless cure for crooked teeth.

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