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    Good vs. Evil: What Foods are Your Friends?

    July 25, 2013
    10 years ago

    To eat or not to eat?  That is the question you should pose to yourself before you reach for that bag of sour gummy worms!  It’s no secret to any of us that sugar isn’t good for our teeth.  Our parents and dentists have reminded us since childhood not to drink too much soda or suck on lolli-pops.  However, there are other foods to be added to the “Do Not Eat” list and, believe it or not, a whole bunch of delicious foods actually help your teeth.  Read on for some suggestions on what to eat and what to stay away from to keep your teeth nice and strong.

    GOOD FOR YOU: vitamins A, D, C, Calcium, Phosphorous are especially good for teeth


    Apples, kiwi, tomatoes, lemons, oranges all contain Vitamin C, which is essential to bone (including teeth) health and strength

    Cheese, milk, yogurt are high in Calcium and Phosphates, which are good for your teeth

    Fish, pork, peanuts, almonds, eggs also have Vitamin D, which helps your body use and absorb Calcium

    Carrots, sweet potatoes, broccoli, beef, potatoes, tofu, leafy green vegetables, beans, whole grains and poultry all contain vitamins and minerals essential for tooth health

    Teas contain ingredients that help prevent plaque

    Chewing celery produces saliva which helps clean teeth and massage gums



    BAD FOR YOU: Sticky, chewy, gummy, sweet foods


    Saltines, bread, hamburger buns basically break down to be sugar and can harm your teeth

    Dried fruits have a more concentrated sugar content than fresh fruit, they are also chewy

    Ketchup contains more sugar than you think!

    Soda is not only sugary, but also acidic… think of it as a 1-2-punch to the teeth

    Chewable vitamins are acidic and also have sugar additives and when you chew them they get stuck in the grooves of your teeth, making it easier for more bacteria to attach

    Chewing hard nuts, popcorn kernels, and ice can actually cause small or large fractures in your teeth, creating a place for sugar to sneak in

    Peanut Brittle and candy apples are hard, chewy, and full of sugar – a deadly combo for teeth

    Jelly beans, taffy, and gum are very sticky and their sugar content ends up in grooves and pits on tooth surfaces


    So next time you reach for that bag of dried aprictos or the biggest icing flower on the birthday cake, take a minute and appreciate your smile.  Other, healthier options are available to you that can keep those chompers nice, bright, free of decay, and strong.

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