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    Making Over a Middle-Aged Smile

    November 7, 2012
    8 years ago

    Reaching a point when your body’s aging seems out of your control is tough to accept. While a few extra pounds or wrinkles might be tough to overcome, there’s one thing that’s always in your control: your smile.

    Age can take its toll on your teeth and gums. No matter how dedicated you’ve been in your oral health care, the time may come when dental issues make you feel – and look – older than you are.

    Whiten Up

    Embarrassment about dark, yellow, or stained teeth is one of the most common complaints of older patients. In an effort to whiten up, people may spend a great deal of money on over-the-counter solutions. But they will only get you so far – if they do anything at all.

    Professional tooth whitening treatments can get you a whiter smile in about an hour, if you opt for the in-office teeth whitening. Prefer to shine up in the privacy of your own home? Ask for a take-home whitening kit.

    Sharp-Dressed Smile

    Many people believe there’s nothing that can be done about a broken-down, aging smile. It’s simply not true that you have to live with the way your smile is now. And it also doesn’t have to take months or even years to give you an amazing smile makeover.

    Modern cosmetic dentistry enables you to have the smile you’ve always wanted – beautiful, natural-looking, and a complement to your appearance. Porcelain veneers are one of the most popular choices for a new smile – in just two visits a smile can be brand new. And if you’re squeamish about too much time in the dentist’s chair, ask about lumineers, the gentle alternative to veneers.

    Straight Talk

    Did you shun braces as an adolescent? If you’re still lamenting this choice, it’s not too late to do something about your crooked smile or bad bite. Invisalign straightens teeth quickly, affordably, comfortably – and kind of secretly. Being able to remove the clear aligners that shift your teeth also means you’re able to keep up with your brushing and flossing routine so that your overall oral health stays in tip-top shape.

    The Loose and the Missing

    Cracked teeth? Broken molars? Loose teeth? Neglect may be part of your oral health problems, but sometimes it’s simply just age that is eating away at your smile. Don’t let it! There is no need to walk around embarrassed by your smile when dental implants can be a secure solution to damaged or missing teeth.

    Take Years Off of Your Middle-Aged Smile

    When you’re thinking about your weight, wrinkles, and overall health and wellness as you age, don’t forget to pay attention to your smile and oral health. Contact Dr. Ken Cirka at his Philadelphia dental office to discuss any dental concerns you may have and to learn about a smile makeover that’s customized for you.

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