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    Does Your Smile Make a Good First Impression?

    October 31, 2012
    11 years ago

    When you meet someone for the first time in person, it only takes a few seconds for them to assess your body language. Your smile can be the difference between success or failure in business, love, and any other relationships.

    People adapt based on the impression you make. If your smile is toothy and wide and reaches to your eyes, it makes you look friendly and approachable – it’s easy to interpret that you’re open to communicating and interested in the other person.

    A closed-mouth smile looks forced and can lead people to believe that you’re faking a smile to be polite, or to hide something. In many cases, it’s their teeth that people are shielding from the world. Some people who are unhappy with their smiles may try to cover their mouth when speaking, which only makes you look like you’re lying or uncomfortable with the situation.

    Whatever vibe you’re giving off, it’s important to be aware of it. If you’re trying to avoid baring your teeth to anyone, rest assured that they’re picking up on your discomfort and taking a cue from your behavior. That’s a sure way to make an unfavorable first impression.

    If you’re not proud of your smile, if it’s getting in the way of your self-confidence, then it’s time to make a change.

    • Decaying smile? Tooth decay and gum disease are no laughing matter. They can begin to affect your overall well-being if not addressed. There could be many factors behind your periodontal issues – the important thing is to get to the dentist’s office and find out what’s causing your bleeding gums, loose tooth, or other discomfort.
    • Yellow teeth? There are several cosmetic dentistry options available to solve the problem of yellowing teeth. A dentist will be able to determine whether tooth whitening is the best solution, or if porcelain veneers are the best and most effective way to whiten your smile.
    • Crooked teeth? If you shunned braces as an adolescent because you didn’t want to be known as a “metal mouth,” you don’t have to worry about that any longer. Invisalign uses removable clear aligners to straighten your teeth, reducing discomfort and embarrassment at noticeable brackets.
    • Unreliable dentures? Many people who are at the point of needing to replace a number of teeth are turning to dental implants instead of dentures. Anyone with missing teeth can find a solution through secure, natural-looking implants as well.

    Restore your self-confidence by taking care of your smile. Once you get that smile makeover, every first impression from there on out will be memorable – for good reasons. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Ken Cirka at his Philadelphia dental office to find out what solutions are best for your smile.

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