Drinks That Stain Your Teeth

Tooth staining can be caused by many things, from age to antibiotics. But the most common causes of tooth discoloration come from your diet – which means you can change what you ingest to save your teeth.

The foods you choose to eat and drink can linger on your smile long after you’ve finished your meal. It’s beverages that cause the biggest problems with it comes to tooth staining, mainly because people tend not to brush or floss after having a drink. What beverages are the worst offenders?

  • Tea, wine, and dark-colored fruit juices: Tannins give these three types of beverages their tart or invigorating flavors, but tannins tend to bind to your teeth. The acids in these drinks also soften tooth enamel, allowing tannins to leave their mark. Essentially, these stains get trapped and brushing is often ineffective in removing the stains.
  • Coffee and soda: That caffeine shot you sip every morning or throughout the day, that pick-me-up soda at midday… both are acidic and their dark colors can feed stains on your teeth. Soda and coffee with sugar can also contribute to cavities and bad breath. However, believe it or not, coffee is less staining than tea.

Obviously, the best way to avoid staining your teeth is to avoid stain-inducing beverages. But if you must imbibe, always follow one of these stain-causing drinks with a water rinse and brush as soon as possible thereafter.

If you’re suffering with tooth stains that seem beyond repair, visit our Philadelphia dental office to learn more about your options. Tooth whitening, porcelain veneers, and cerinate lumineers are just some of the solutions we can provide to give you back that beautiful, white smile.

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