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A Solution for Sensitive Smiles

April 29, 2012
8 years ago

Always considered yourself an unlikely candidate for cosmetic dental work because you’re unnerved by the thought of painful, lengthy procedures or squeamish about the dentist? Lumineers by Cerinate could be your loophole.

Lumineers are quickly becoming a popular, pain-free alternative to porcelain veneers. No local anesthetic is required to undergo this procedure and it is not necessary to drastically shave down the teeth in order to make the veneers fit.

Considered the “gentle alternative” to porcelain veneers, lumineers are just as long-lasting. Lumineers are guaranteed for five years against chipping, breakage, or separation from the tooth and they have been clinically proven to last up to 25 years with no discoloration.

Wondering if lumineers can help rejuvenate your smile? Lumineers by Cerinate can correct crooked, crowded, broken, misshapen, and small teeth. And even though lumineers are incredibly thin, they are composed of a very strong porcelain shield that can even cover up stained teeth. The lumineers are permanently attached to the front of each tooth, and they can even be placed over old crowns.

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