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    Dental Treatment During Pregnancy

    February 20, 2012
    10 years ago

    We often have questions from patients like “Should I have a dental cleaning and check up when I am pregnant?”. This is a great question. Let me help with trying to enlighten you with some answers to the most often questions that we receive from patients.
    -Dental Cleaning is safe and recommended. Low birth-weight babies are linked to unhealthy gums.
    -Fillings are best put off until after the pregnancy. If there is a risk of pain or infection, it is best to do it during the second trimester. Sometimes this is not possible, however, as one cannot predict when the patient will develop a cavity. Remember that if you are in pain, the baby is in pain. Avoid that.

    -Fluoride is safe if not swallowed.
    -Local anesthesia is safe if no epinephrine is used.
    -Avoid aspirin and Motrin. Take only Tylenol for pain.
    -See you OBGYN with any questions. Remember that what you feel, experience, etc., your baby does too, so if you have a toothache, the baby feels your pain.
    -If you have questions, ask us.

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