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Get the beautiful smile that you’ve always wanted. Never underestimate the power of a great smile. Straight teeth are not only beautiful, they also promote your good health.  Invisalign is our method of straightening teeth without embarassing metal braces.  Invisalign is the invisible form of orthodontics that allows you to improve the appearance of your crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or teeth with gaps.

Did you know…

  1. 74% of Americans believe that crooked teeth and an unattractive smile can hurt your career success and your everyday social life?
  2. Straight teeth can reduce the incidence of headaches, heart disease, gastrointestinal disease and other health conditions?

People aren’t born with perfect teeth, but Invisalign clear braces can create a beautiful smile.

Invisalign orthodontics is an advanced way to straighten your teeth and improve your smile that offers you these unique advantages over traditional metal braces…

  1. It’s “Invisible”: Invisalign “invisible braces” are made of clear plastic aligners so they’re not as noticeable as metal braces. Most people won’t even know you’re wearing them, so you won’t feel self-conscious about wearing braces.
  2. It’s Comfortable: The use of plastic aligners offer a smooth surface that is gentle in your mouth so you won’t feel any pain.
  3. It’s Removable: You can take them out to eat or brush your teeth, and then put them back in again. You’ll have more flexibility in your daily life with invisible braces.
  4. It’s Affordable: In most cases, invisible braces cost is less than traditional metal braces. Plus, our easy financing options make them affordable.
  5. It’s Fast!: In most cases your treatment time is less than that of traditional braces. This means your teeth will straighten up quicker so you can stop wearing your braces sooner!
  6. It’s Healthy!:  Straightening your teeth improves oral hygiene by making it easier for a dental hygienist to access all areas of your mouth when cleaning your teeth.  This leads to improved oral health which makes you more healthy overall!

How Invisalign “Invisible Braces” Work:

larger video

larger video

Costs of Invisalign: In our office, there are four levels of Invisalign that are currently offered. Other dental offices may lure you in with a low price, then add on an additional fee for each retainer, the records which are sent to the lab, a photography fee, an impression fee, and any additional trays that you need to wear.

In our office, there is ONE FEE if the treatment is less than one year. Because 90% of our patients have treatment that lasts about 9 months, our fee is $6497. This is about $1500 less than what most orthodontist specialists charge. This is ALL-INCLUSIVE. There are no other charges to you.

  • For treatment that is less than 5 months, our fee is $4997. About 5% of our patients fall into this category.
  • For treatment that is less than 2 1/2 months, our fee is $1997. This is for very minor tooth movement only. About 1% of our patients fall into this category.
  • For treatment that is longer than one year, our fee is $6797. About 4% of our patients fall into this category.

There is only an additional fee if the patient loses his or her trays or stops treatment, then wants to begin again.

Be careful of an office that advertises Invisalign for a low fee, then after adding on all the visit charges, retainers, etc., the fee is much higher.

When choosing your office to do Invisalign, remember that experience matters. In our office, we can do your treatment faster and with better results because we are a Premier Preferred Provider-that means a lot of experience. We are one of only two general dentist offices in Philadelphia area with this award.


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