Explore Our Gallery of Beautiful Smiles

Each person’s smile is different, but the dental problems you may be experiencing or the aesthetic complaints you may have could be similar to someone else’s. Look through our Philadelphia Dentistry Smile Gallery to learn about the people we have helped and the cases that could mimic your own.

Perhaps you’ve long been suffering with gum disease or cavities – that doesn’t mean you aren’t a candidate for cosmetic dentistry. It just means that we first need to develop a solid foundation for you before creating a new smile.

Have you undergone cosmetic dental work in the past but you’re unhappy with the results, or maybe the work hasn’t lasted? We can redo dental implants, add Cerinate Lumineers to complement existing bridges, or professionally whiten a discolored smile that you’ve already had straightened.

Seeing the before and after photos of our clients will make you realize just how correctable your dental problems are. You can have a brand new, straight, white smile in a matter of a few visits to Dr. Ken Cirka and our Philadelphia dental office.

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